About Centre “Garant”

The journey of one thousand steps starts with 1st step.

Regional charity NGO “Arkhangelsk Centre of social technologies “Garant” was created in autumn 1996 to develop civil society organizations in Arkhangelsk region.

Until 1998 Centre “Garant” had worked on the basis of Arkhangelsk branch of Youth’s lawyers’ union of the Russian Federation and on the 4th of March 1998 a new NGO – Arkhangelsk NGOs support Centre “Garant” was officially registered

1996-1998 the team of Garant created the database of NGOs of Arkhangelsk region. Newsletter “Northern correspondence” was published by Garant. The first meetings of Club of NGOs’ leaders were conducted. The resource centre for support of NGOs started to work.

Since spring 2001 Garant has launched a new activity – raising local sources for support of social organization. The Trustees’ board uniting givers of Arkhangelsk was founded for funding social project developed by NGOs of Arkhangelsk and Arkhangelsk region.

As years passed, Centre “Garant” has been changing, launching new fields of work and using new forms. That was why it was necessary to change the name and mission of the organization.

In 2005 Centre “Garant” changed the name to regional charity NGO “Arkhangelsk Centre of social technologies “Garant”.

Our mission is support development of social stability in the region through coordination of efforts of various organizations and institutions, introduction of innovative approaches in solving problems of the community and development of civic participation.

Today the priority fields of work of Centre “ Garant” are:
• Creation of favorable condition for an effective development of NGOs in Arkhangelsk region;
• development of the system-based charity and mechanisms of raising local resources for effective development of social sphere;
• increasing civic activism and support to development of mechanisms of public participation in taking socially important solutions;
• elaboration, adaptation and dissemination of mechanisms of social partnership and innovative approaches to meeting challenges in the social sphere.

Nowadays Centre “Garant” is:
• resource and training centre for NGOs, activists, social institutions, municipal and regional servants;
• foundation, implementing charity programs and grant competitions;
• analytical and information center, collecting data on development of civic society, new social technologies, international and national experience of social issues;
• centre for development of voluntary work and youth’s initiatives.

During 20 years Garant has achieved the following results:
• More than 200 social projects were implemented, aimed at solving current social problems of the city and region. More than 350 million rubles were raised for implementation of projects.
• More than 1500 seminars and trainings were conducted for specialists of NGOs, social institutions, volunteers, leaders of local communities on different topics, including social partnership, development of social services, raising funds, management and etc. More than 30 000 persons participated in trainings.
• More than 100 grant competitions were organized, 4500 projects were developmed and submitted by social organizations (including schools, kindergartens, cultural centres, NGOs and etc.). More than 1000 projects were funded with a total sum of 70 million rubles. Social services were rendered to 200 000 persons.

In 2001 Garant initiated the 1st city charity marathon “Kind Arkhangelsk”. The goal of the marathon – to attract attention of citizens to charity, to give everyone an opportunity to help those, who are in need. Since then 7 charity marathons have been conducted, in each of them 25 thousands of citizens of Arkhangelsk and Arkhangelsk region took part. More than 15 million individual donations were collected, transferred to support elderly people, families with several children, persons with disabilities, children with severe diseases, homeless persons. Since 2016 other cities and towns of Arkhangelsk region have been joining the charity marathons “Kind Arkhangelsk” and since 2017 our region has become the Region of Goodness.

Centre “Garant” has partners in most of the regions of Russia and other countries.

Since 1999 we have been working with Agency of social information having a local news office and supporting regional organizations to inform about their work in the country.

Garant coordinates program “Active generation” and All-Russia competition of socio-cultural projects “Cultural mosaic of small towns and villages” carried out by charity foundation of Elena and Gennadiy Timchenko.

Our values:
Trust and respect of our clients and professionalism of our staff members!

Centre “Garant” is located at: Russia, Arkhangelsk, Popova str.18, 1 entrance, 4th floor
Phone/fax + 7 8182 20-65-10
E-mail garant@ngo-garant.ru